About Us

About us

BCC is a technology driven consultancy and EPC organization with strong global presence in the field of Water, Power and Infrastructure sectors. Engineering Excellence, Exceptional Workforce and Customer Centric Approach has enabled us to deliver projects consistently to our clients. BCC has the requisite experience & expertise to undertake Consultancy & EPC projects of any scale and complexity in the sectors of its operation. Our portfolio of projects is both impressive and diverse in nature.

BCC as a techno-commercial organization utilizes the talent and expertise developed in the various organizations of Government of India and State Governments. BCC is responsible for providing quality time bound services to the clients which is the very essence of BCC operations. Transfer of appropriate technology to the Clients' personnel, which can be assimilated effectively and sustained efficiently on a long term basis, is the essence of BCC ' Services.


BCC group works with a motto to exceed expectations of all stakeholders including customers, employees and investors by creating the conducive environment for the sustainable development and continual improvement of each and every stakeholder.


BCC Group work in consultancy projects Such as infrastructure, water Resources & Power Generation projects.


In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of building or assembling of infrastructure. Far from being a single activity, large scale construction is a feat of human multitasking.


Our geological and scientists provide environmental, geological, hydro-geological and geophysical services for all phases of your construction projects.

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We are an independent materials testing laboratory including a professional staff of registered engineer, geologists special inspectors, consultants, and laboratory specialists. We serve clients the around the india.


We are serve the supervision work for various projects such as infrastructure, water resource and power generation construction work.


Our geotechnical engineers work with owners, designer, regulators and contractors to engineer solutions for ground improvement projects.